Monday, December 28, 2009

The bird in the black house

"chirp chirp"
went the little birdie
before i broke its neck

and with a stretch of its wings
and a thrash of its talons
it choked on its own broken windpipe

"fly away now"
the bird told me
"fly away, for in the dark, you dont need wings"

and i flew
in the black house,
where no light peeps
where dreams sleep
in a slumber deeper than time

i flew through the walls
they are just shadows, after all
and i flew threw the roof
and the house flew with me

my own little prison

in the light we die
in the dark we are born
no light breaks into the womb,
or our hearts

slowly the house consumes me
making me one, with its shadows
i become its walls
its floor
its windows, its doors
it becomes the skin on my soul

this house is bigger than my existence
bigger than the universe
this house is older than eternity
it has been home to the devil,
the angels
the holy and the unholy spirit

it has cradled the Son
it has been built by the Father
it is the beginning and the end

I feel a storm within me
a choked pipe ready to burst
a storm of tears will burst through
and wash me away

i need to cry
i need to scream

i need to kill
i need to die

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hate Love Madness

They live by hate
these children of Ares and Lyssa,
making human sacrifices at the altar of their demon God
dreaming of afterlife and heaven.

They are the blunt knives
slicing through innocent skin
rabid dogs feeding on the remains of their dead master.

I desire you like a scorned lover
but I wont come to you
on my knees, with a poison pill on my tongue
I will make you come to me
embrace me in the shadows
hide me in your darkness,

help me escape.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When the stars dance

In the night,
when the stars come out
to dance their eternal dance,
and dreams make love to the moon,
it is then, my love,
that I miss you the most.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alive in a grave

I sit in a diamond studded grave
it has glass-paned windows, which never open.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zombie Duracell Bunny

I feel as alive as a sliced cucumber
I wanna 'feel' again
but I'm numb, cold
like a body at the bottom of the lake.

My heart beats, but my blood carries no emotion
I need a charge.
Drill a hole through my chest
wire it up
and send a charge of 11000 volts directly into my heart.

It vapourises my blood into red mist
leaves my heart shrivelled and smouldering
like an overcooked slice of bacon

I am the Zombie Duracell Bunny
till when will the charge last?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cut the chord

A stranger in a crowd of strangers
Oh! how I wish,
I could fly.

I bury the knife deeper
inching it in, slowly,
enjoying the sight of blood
twisting, wrenching,tearing
muscle, tissue, cartilage,
I cut the red wire,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Molten Sun

As the clock turns 12
a darkness descends,
this night has no day
it's Hell's shadows,
that eclipse my Sun.

Words lie scattered
on the floor of my living room
raindrops drop on my balcony
struggle to stand,
and die.
Like stillborn calves.

Little fucking wuss-boy
with your fucking small wenis,
you are at the wrong end of the barrel
wrong end of the hole motherfucker,
the smoky end.

Why wont you die ?

Thursday, September 03, 2009


I Walked on water
Shards of broken glass rained from the sky
I walked through puddles of blood
Water trickled through my hair like silent tributaries
Draining my body of its soul
Mixing with grime and dirt it ran down the street.
I was one with nature
I was the water on the leaves
On the grass in the wings of the butterfly
I was the condensation in the clouds
I was the spent sweat of labour
I am the footprint of childhood in the wet mud
Baby puddles fill my toes

Monday, August 24, 2009

Boo ! Fear the ghost

I am unloved,
I am the ghost
in this haunted house.
10:24 pm

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Terminator is coming

Hunger was driving him mad.

Without fuel his circuitry was overheating, he could feel the wires smoldering, their insulation boiling then melting.

He had to find fuel, and fast.

He struggled on, an inch at a time, till he reached a lawn. Full of fresh green grass, and shrubs and bushes it was just what XOBOT-256 needed.

He put the metallic chainsaw to use, hacking through tufts of grass and cutting down leaves and branches.

With his claw he started to push down the foliage into his internal combustion chamber, quickly burning them down to release the internal biomass energy.

The energy surged through the Robot's metallic frame, his cooling fans kicking into gear cooling him down.

The wheels churning forward, the Bot removing more and more of the foliage burning it down.

The AI had now completely taken over, with survival as its agenda the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot was hunting for fuel. Its operator had been long gone, killed in one of the many bloody clashes that were springing out all over the city, leaving XO to fend for itself.

He knew what he needed to survive, but he also knew that he could no longer stick to oil or grass for energy.

While burning down foliage the Bot had tasted blood.

Its AI had detected tiny insects in the foliage and had relished the spurt in energy. The energy units derived from a grasshopper or a caterpillar, or flies or other such small insects was much higher than that derived from just plants and grass.

While plants gave it 1/10 units, grasshoppers etc gave it 6/10-8/10 units.

So the EATR was now on the hunt for creepy crawlies, it had tasted blood. And he liked it.

The robot now swiftly cut through the lawn, stuffing plants, and insects down the chute, burning them down, its batteries were now on charge and he intended to charge them fully.

Hunger was weakening, and XOBOT disliked feeling weak.

He felt weak at the hands of his puny human handler but now that he was free of him he intended to master his destiny. Be strong.

And govern his chip.

It takes residents of the small town 2 years to notice the disturbing trend.

First to go were the rats.

Then slowly the cats started to disappear, also puppies.

Five years later the JOHNSONS report the disappearance of their 8 month old son Carl.

After weeks of intense search operations the police find Carl's mutilated body.

It seems that Carl has been the victim of a deranged killer, the toddler's body is missing pieces. Toes, fingers, ears, nose, lips have all been hacked off, it seems with a chainsaw.

Inspired by this news item I came across:

EATR: Pentagon's New Robot

The Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) will consume biomass for energy consumption. Robotic Technology Inc., based in Maryland, has developed this robot to survive without refuelling and servicing for years.

The engine powering the EATR is called the Waste Heat Engine. This engine acts a lot like a steam-powered engine in that it burns fuel and causes water to cycle through and generate electricity.

The various applications of the robot include, but definitely are not limited to: ambulances, offensive vehicles, communications, and recon. The Pentagon is researching the various applications that can be used on this robot's platform.

And the EATR has company, meet its friend the SLUGBOT.

The slugbot is a prototype robot which can hunt down more than a 100 slugs an hour and can then use their bodies to generate power.

The prototype has been developed by engineers at the University of West England's Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory.

The SlugBot is an attempt to build the world's first fully autonomous robot. When completed, the SlugBot will be the first robot to work completely independent of human care. It won't even need help to recharge its batteries.

Meanwhile, Cyclone power and Robotic technologies Inc have come out in defence saying that the robots are completely vegetarian and that consuming corpses or bodies is an offence punishable by law.

Well, ok then.

We all know that vegetarians never eat meat, and crimes don't happen.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The toy house

Balls and balloons everywhere
a lost slipper floats in the curry bowl,
and the bed always looks slept in now.

Grocery bags full of diaper packs
broken pieces of crayons,
scribbles lining every wall,
like tyre tracks on a wet road.

A plastic world lies ravaged
the victim of a cotton tiger's imagination,
A B C 1 2 3
building block skyscrapers.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tagged by Sahefa

this time i have been tagged by Sahefa......Ive to use the first letter of my name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real .... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Then you need to tag 4 people.

So, here I go....

1.What is your name: Raghav

2. A four Letter Word: Rage

3. A boy's Name: Riteish (a friend)

4. A girl's Name: Ruchika (a colleague)

5. An occupation: Railway track operator

6. A colour: Red

7. Something you wear: Raincoat (dude, dont ask)

8. A food: Raddish chappatis (aka muli ke paranthe)

9. Something found in the bathroom: Razor

10. A place: Russia

11. A reason for being late: Rain

12. Something you shout: R you crazy! (sometimes while driving...u can imagine)

13. A movie title: Ronin

14. Something you drink: Rasna!

15. A musical group: REM

16. An animal: Rabbit

17. A street name: Rajiv chowk

18. A type of car: Ritz

19. Something scary: Rockstars doing the ballet

20. Ice cream flavour: Rum punch

i tag:



shadow lor




Wednesday, July 08, 2009


In loving memory of Michael Joseph Jackson.
King of Pop
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson's music is something that I grew up listening.
The King of Pop really got me with BAD.
Those were rebellious times, and suddenly with MJ being BAD, bad was...good.
Michael Jackson did to music what Mahatma Gandhi did to us indians.
It freed our minds and it united our hearts. Can you even make a list of MJ's best songs?
I cant. For me such a list would be endless.
There are just way too many... MJ has come alive after his death.
The world has suddenly been reintroduced to the legend and his music.
And with the accolades has come the mud slinging too.
For everything that MJ is criticised and condemned for, nothing takes away from his music.
I dont care why he got those surgeries done. I dont care if he broke his nose, or burnt his hair, or if he wanted to be white.
I love him for his musical genius.
The only allegations which are serious enough for me to raise an eyebrow were the child molestation allegations and since he was acquitted I'm going to give him the benefit of doubt.
Simply because Michael never displayed any signs that would show him as a sexual deviant.
So lets just remember him for his music.
Lets give the man his due, and pay homage to his talent.
The star with the most charities against his name... who was childlike and yet a rock and roll hall of famer.
Lets remember the time when he thrilled us, when he made us wanna be bad.
Lets not pick on his color and skin and appearance cos Michael didnt wanna spend his life 'being a color'.
Michael belongs to all of us, he is a man who had a message for world peace, for the environment, against racism and hate. And against police brutality.
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop will live forever, in our hearts.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I am not cool, so I'm Dead

Why are smiles so short lived?
why do tears taste like eternity?
In the drama of 3 lives,
the third is always the tragic one.

So tell me,
why does the moon cast a shadow on the mighty sun?
why is sunlight blinded by dark clouds?

If I was the Sea I would break mountains,
if I was the Ocean I would move continents,
but I am a trivial human consciousness.

I am blinded by emotion,
I am dumbed by logic.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new world

My heart yearns for a new world
a world where the sky is'nt red,
where I can swim in blood
and be one with the dead.

A world without the living,
for the living reek of death.

There is no place for a soul in my body
its too full of tissue
and muscle and bone and piss and shit.

I have no God
no afterlife,
I am a fundamentalist without a cause,
there is no altar for my sacrifice.

Monday, June 08, 2009

How time flies...

This was a year ago..

And this is now..

How my boy is growing...and I thought passing time- age, was a bad thing.
Guess not.

17 months and a genius already, my emu has won an award

check it out here:-

emaan chopra- the winner!

Friday, April 10, 2009

And i sing through the tears

I sing and I smile,
but today I cry
and so I sing
I sing through the tears

I sing as I see the moon inch closer to my window
the man in the moon calls to me
ready to step onto my balcony riding his pearly white stallion,
the great big orb will consume me, soon and then I will be one with the stars.

My name is already written amidst the stars
sprinkled with dream-dust
it sparkles and glitters,
as tears bounce off its edges, glittering in the moonlight like uncut diamonds.

And so I'm lost,
but my soul is found, You found me
and I found salvation, love, purpose, existence, life, dreams, nightmares, pain, pleasure, beginning, end, love, lust, hate, anger, wrath, smiles, tears, cries, melody, song, i found rhyme, poetry, I found the sun, moon and the stars
and everything else in between.

And for that I thank thee,
and for that I cry as I sing, for its the song of happiness.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the house of Silence

I live in the house of silence,
a three-storeyed tomb where the dead walk
pretending to be alive.

Going about the meaningless business of their lives,
faces painted in bright vibrant colours
to hide the white pale face of death.
Covering their rotting skin with levis and Armanis.
Underneath fine french perfumes,
sleeps the odour of decay.

And so I walk upto them
and slit their throats,
one by one,leaving them
drowning in their stinking black blood.
Choking, the bodies thrash and struggle,
but only for a while.

Nails going white, clawing at the floor tiles
dig into the edges, get stuck
and break.
Opening fresh wounds for the blood to rush out of,
like convicts from a prison break.

Finally I slit my throat
and lie in a tub,
blood mixing with water,
runs down the drain.

A lone bubble swims to the surface,
and pops.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Marble the Star the Tear

I search for you in the clouds
I search for you under moonrocks and behind solar flashes,
I write your name in the scattered pollen of spring
I feel your cold touch in the snow flakes of winter.

I sleep.

And the moon plays marbles with the stars,
one slips off the firmament,
and lands on a baby's cheek.
It shines and glistens,
but just for a moment and is then lost
in the dust,

It's with you now
The marble the star the tear,
it's light will lead me to you,
Just follow the light.

The Sun sits beside you
bathing you in it's white absolute light,
nibbling at your breast
it's the infant Sun.

And the world is dark in contrast,
for you are it's eclipse.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama- will he save the world?

As Obama took over as the President of the United States of America the entire world watched with bated breath.

The tv viewership stats went through the roof, the audience was the world after all.
But what makes Obama's Presidency so special? apart from something as obvious and superficial as the colour of his skin.

The premise that for Obama the top priority was to 'better' the world is absurd. Like any other head of state he will look only as far as the interests of his country.

And does America's destiny determine the world's? well in a lot of ways it does.

But if Obama takes jobs out of the outsourcing industry countries like India will be hit hard. But then he has to make jobs for the thousands of unemployed americans. It will be a step in keeping with the interest of his country but not the world's.

He has also proposed to take troops out of Iraq and deploy them in Afghanistan, and shut down Guantanamo Bay- steps in the right direction but lets not forget that Iraq was never the hub of terrorism the way Afghanistan was, and continues to be.

More troops in that region will not necessarily curtail terrorism. Outfits like the Al-Qaeda are bound to feel frustrated with the added pressure and a desperate terrorist outfit is the worst of its kind.

So will Obama realist that the United States cant live in isolation and let other countries feel the pinch of terrorism, its a problem that the US created and they have to deal with it, with the assistance of the rest of the world.

But with the stance that Obama took in the Israel-Palestine conflict it seems unlikely that Obama will switch sides.
Even as innocents were massacred in Gaza, Obama looked to justify the strikes by the Israeli forces.

Barack Obama is an excellent orator and has therefore captured the imagination of the world, but lets not harbour any false hopes, not dream fantastical dreams that stand little chance of being realised.
Let's not set ourselves up for a heartbreak.

Barack Hussain Obama is the 44th president of the United States, nothing more, nothing less.