Sunday, January 21, 2007

This magical night

This is a night of our union
this is a magical night.
I never want this moment to end
I want this night to go on forever.

This is the night our souls purge themselves of all sin
this is the night of our communion,
this night is the stallion on which we ride into the sunset
into our dreamland.

This night I surrender to you,
this night I dedicate to you,
this night I worship you.

This night is not of the moon's or the star's
this night has no day,
this night will never return.

This night is a lifetime
this night is eternal,
this night is ours.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Marriage, I recommend it!

for the ones who like to live dangerously
who like to take life head-on,
swim with the crocodiles
the ones who like to give sharks a root canal.

if you are sick of living on medicines, for your headache which comes and goes
then its the one never-ending pain in the cerebellum
the final pinch of pain as the pimple bursts,
the ultimate cry of orgasmic ecstacy.

i recommend it,
just the way i recommend blue denims and white tees for a walk in the park.