Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zombie Duracell Bunny

I feel as alive as a sliced cucumber
I wanna 'feel' again
but I'm numb, cold
like a body at the bottom of the lake.

My heart beats, but my blood carries no emotion
I need a charge.
Drill a hole through my chest
wire it up
and send a charge of 11000 volts directly into my heart.

It vapourises my blood into red mist
leaves my heart shrivelled and smouldering
like an overcooked slice of bacon

I am the Zombie Duracell Bunny
till when will the charge last?


buckingfastard said...

oo...i soo hate da duracell bunny...always happy and wicked...

it vaporises my blood into red mist!!! satanically lovely

Raghav said...

thanx bucking

Shadow Lor said...

Hearts are overrated anyways. Mine's been giving me some trouble recently, taking me to places I'm not entirely sure I should be going.

I hope the volts waken you eventually rather than make you crave braaaaaaaains...

Raghav said...

brains are so overrated

they are good only when cooked

Akshay said...

hey... long time .... i need some electricity....

Raghav said...

u out of charge?

where have u been?