Wednesday, July 08, 2009


In loving memory of Michael Joseph Jackson.
King of Pop
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson's music is something that I grew up listening.
The King of Pop really got me with BAD.
Those were rebellious times, and suddenly with MJ being BAD, bad was...good.
Michael Jackson did to music what Mahatma Gandhi did to us indians.
It freed our minds and it united our hearts. Can you even make a list of MJ's best songs?
I cant. For me such a list would be endless.
There are just way too many... MJ has come alive after his death.
The world has suddenly been reintroduced to the legend and his music.
And with the accolades has come the mud slinging too.
For everything that MJ is criticised and condemned for, nothing takes away from his music.
I dont care why he got those surgeries done. I dont care if he broke his nose, or burnt his hair, or if he wanted to be white.
I love him for his musical genius.
The only allegations which are serious enough for me to raise an eyebrow were the child molestation allegations and since he was acquitted I'm going to give him the benefit of doubt.
Simply because Michael never displayed any signs that would show him as a sexual deviant.
So lets just remember him for his music.
Lets give the man his due, and pay homage to his talent.
The star with the most charities against his name... who was childlike and yet a rock and roll hall of famer.
Lets remember the time when he thrilled us, when he made us wanna be bad.
Lets not pick on his color and skin and appearance cos Michael didnt wanna spend his life 'being a color'.
Michael belongs to all of us, he is a man who had a message for world peace, for the environment, against racism and hate. And against police brutality.
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop will live forever, in our hearts.


zephyr said...

I was always in such awe of him! the first time i heard his music n saw his video I couldnt believe anyoe could dance like tht!!

ANd billie jean.. wat a song!
He is here, there everywhere... we shall be spotting him soon, I am sure... moonwalking on the moon :)

Express said...

Beautiful dedication :)

Honestly I don't know much of him coz I didn't grow up during his time. For me, pop was the boy bands and the crazy dancing girls, I grew up admiring. Now when I see what i missed early on, that is quite a considerable amount.

what I fail to understand, why do we always have to interfere in the life of a celebrity. Why can't we restrict our business with what should be paid attention to..hmm..
Prolly you can answer this one better..

P.S. The music on ur blog is so awesome it keeps gettin me distracted!! :D

Raghav said...

zeph...nice to hear from you. its been a while.
and yes, MJ will live on forever, cos that man truly was a genius and his talent was special in every which way.
The world will miss him.

express..thanks for the music comment, and yes if you have missed MJ's music then you have missed something special.
But its never too late, you can start now! :)

Raghav said...

express...forgot to mention, i think we pick on their lives because we desperately want to pick on something. Its tough for us regular mortals to accept greatness and so we bring it down when we are faced with it.

Shadow Lor said...

*cough* I'm just gonna breeze past the whole MJ thing as I don't want to start anything. Trust me, done enough of that in the last few days. He was before my time anyways, so yeah.

ryn: rage is ever so much fun to write out :D

Raghav said...

lor...just comment on the previous post then :)

pseudo intellectual said...

one of most beautiful MJ tributes i have read :)

C.J.Duffy said...

Not of my generation or my taste but hey, let the bloke rest in peace after all, who really cares what colour he was or what his private life was like? For those who liked and loved him he gave them more than he took.

Raghav said...

pseudo...thanx. thats most flattering indeed

CJ...........cudnt agree with you more mate. thats the point, just let the guy be. He is dead after all.

Sahefa said...

I never admired MJ
but may his soul R.I.P

Sahefa said...

u r tagged!!!

Raghav said...

sahefa..will do the tag, anyway the point is not to admire him, he did either liked it or u didnt.