Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama- will he save the world?

As Obama took over as the President of the United States of America the entire world watched with bated breath.

The tv viewership stats went through the roof, the audience was the world after all.
But what makes Obama's Presidency so special? apart from something as obvious and superficial as the colour of his skin.

The premise that for Obama the top priority was to 'better' the world is absurd. Like any other head of state he will look only as far as the interests of his country.

And does America's destiny determine the world's? well in a lot of ways it does.

But if Obama takes jobs out of the outsourcing industry countries like India will be hit hard. But then he has to make jobs for the thousands of unemployed americans. It will be a step in keeping with the interest of his country but not the world's.

He has also proposed to take troops out of Iraq and deploy them in Afghanistan, and shut down Guantanamo Bay- steps in the right direction but lets not forget that Iraq was never the hub of terrorism the way Afghanistan was, and continues to be.

More troops in that region will not necessarily curtail terrorism. Outfits like the Al-Qaeda are bound to feel frustrated with the added pressure and a desperate terrorist outfit is the worst of its kind.

So will Obama realist that the United States cant live in isolation and let other countries feel the pinch of terrorism, its a problem that the US created and they have to deal with it, with the assistance of the rest of the world.

But with the stance that Obama took in the Israel-Palestine conflict it seems unlikely that Obama will switch sides.
Even as innocents were massacred in Gaza, Obama looked to justify the strikes by the Israeli forces.

Barack Obama is an excellent orator and has therefore captured the imagination of the world, but lets not harbour any false hopes, not dream fantastical dreams that stand little chance of being realised.
Let's not set ourselves up for a heartbreak.

Barack Hussain Obama is the 44th president of the United States, nothing more, nothing less.