Friday, April 10, 2009

And i sing through the tears

I sing and I smile,
but today I cry
and so I sing
I sing through the tears

I sing as I see the moon inch closer to my window
the man in the moon calls to me
ready to step onto my balcony riding his pearly white stallion,
the great big orb will consume me, soon and then I will be one with the stars.

My name is already written amidst the stars
sprinkled with dream-dust
it sparkles and glitters,
as tears bounce off its edges, glittering in the moonlight like uncut diamonds.

And so I'm lost,
but my soul is found, You found me
and I found salvation, love, purpose, existence, life, dreams, nightmares, pain, pleasure, beginning, end, love, lust, hate, anger, wrath, smiles, tears, cries, melody, song, i found rhyme, poetry, I found the sun, moon and the stars
and everything else in between.

And for that I thank thee,
and for that I cry as I sing, for its the song of happiness.