Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I am not cool, so I'm Dead

Why are smiles so short lived?
why do tears taste like eternity?
In the drama of 3 lives,
the third is always the tragic one.

So tell me,
why does the moon cast a shadow on the mighty sun?
why is sunlight blinded by dark clouds?

If I was the Sea I would break mountains,
if I was the Ocean I would move continents,
but I am a trivial human consciousness.

I am blinded by emotion,
I am dumbed by logic.


Anonymous said...

powerful use of words... !!

Zlaek said...

'trivial human consciousness'

'dumbed by logic'

these are things I always want to say in everything that I put down in writing.

The verses are profound, strong, and well sequenced.

Raghav said...

hitch...zlaek...i thank you.