Friday, September 11, 2009

Molten Sun

As the clock turns 12
a darkness descends,
this night has no day
it's Hell's shadows,
that eclipse my Sun.

Words lie scattered
on the floor of my living room
raindrops drop on my balcony
struggle to stand,
and die.
Like stillborn calves.

Little fucking wuss-boy
with your fucking small wenis,
you are at the wrong end of the barrel
wrong end of the hole motherfucker,
the smoky end.

Why wont you die ?


Prixie said...

my, this is an angry one.

Raghav said...

hmm ya it is.


buckingfastard said...

life is better at da smokey end...atleast u can see da bullet comin....

nicely arrogant!!

Raghav said...

if u insist buck, id rather fire the bullet

Merin Mandanna said...

This one I shall read to calm my nerves. It helped today, oddly.
Very nice!

Raghav said...

merin... thats the kinda mind that will get you into a bloody spot one day.
and it will be fun!!