Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Marble the Star the Tear

I search for you in the clouds
I search for you under moonrocks and behind solar flashes,
I write your name in the scattered pollen of spring
I feel your cold touch in the snow flakes of winter.

I sleep.

And the moon plays marbles with the stars,
one slips off the firmament,
and lands on a baby's cheek.
It shines and glistens,
but just for a moment and is then lost
in the dust,

It's with you now
The marble the star the tear,
it's light will lead me to you,
Just follow the light.

The Sun sits beside you
bathing you in it's white absolute light,
nibbling at your breast
it's the infant Sun.

And the world is dark in contrast,
for you are it's eclipse.