Saturday, March 06, 2010


I cant sleep
there is too much light in my room,
it's like someone turned on a huge spotlight in the sky
and its directed straight at my eyes.

I open my mouth to yawn
and swallow the moon,
now the spotlight is in me

Moonlight pours out of my pores
you would think its cold,
but that's an illusion created by the darkness of the night
inside you, it burns.

Im on a slow boil
my eyes become moons,
my mouth is a moon
I'm aglow with moonlight
like a comic superhero without special powers.

The moonlight lifts me up
carrying me upwards,
I float like a feather caught in a gust of wind
with no destiny,
no home,
no destination.

I float away into eternity,
tomorrow night will have a new moon.