Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pain, love, blood

there's a storm coming...
i can hear the rattling of bones...
the dead hate storms...
it floods their graves...
graves are like their homes you know

pain inspires poetry..
so does love..
pain inspires love,
or is it the other way round?

when it rains,
i dance
like the wind,
like the flightless bird
caught in the eye of the storm

its all a whirl out there tonight
the wind's blown the stars outta the sky
they slipped on the wet clouds and fell
to the ground
like raindrops...

Music inspires poetry
music inspires pain
music is love
its the only thing keeping me sane

nothing inspires poetry like insanity
the insane hurt all the time
which is why they never cry...

i cut my veins
my blood runs down my hand
thick drops fall off my fingertips
its the bloodiest red nail-paint you can get

where the drops fall
the earth becomes red
red mist rises from the spot
as if it were meat fat on a hot skewer

a little red sapling breaks through
a devil-shoot of a devil tree
it will bear devil-fruit
they will taste like my flesh
the juice will be red
like my blood, like wine.

in the land of the dead
the living are the condemned.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Act five, scene six

An inch at a time
a straw at a time
the nest falls apart

Its all coming apart
crumbling into dust
a brick at a time
a card at a time
the castle comes crashing down

i stand and watch
i press my body against the structure
to give it support
to bid goodbye

The bricks come crashing down on my hands
breaking my fingers like dry twigs
i try to dig into the cracks
to keep it all together

But the cracks are too deep
too wide
spreading like a flooding river
it carries me with it, into the land of despair

the show must go on
they tell me
but i pull the plug
curtains the end roll the credits
take a bow
and exit stage
there is nothing left to be done
no more scenes to play
no lines to deliver

ill die with make up on my face
white cheeks and black holes for eyes
red lipstick smeared across my mouth

'you wanna know how i got these scars?'