Saturday, October 25, 2008


How can I get lost, when i dont know where I'm going
yet the feeling persists, like dark clouds that dont rain
I cut myself just to see how far I can go,
I drink my blood, and it's tasteless.
Wrapped in barbed wire,
the more I struggle, the more I bleed.
Pain is temporary, but so are smiles
Only memories last forever.
Memories and broken promises.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

What's it all for?

Communities on social networking sites. Half hour specials. Call in shows. A political drama. Anger, frustration.
Soumya's death has made me realise how tragically impotent and incompetent we all are.
The media.
The fourth pillar of democracy.
We are demanding that the case be cracked, we are demanding that the suspects be nabbed. All perfectly valid demands, nothing exorbitant.
But looking at the situation objectively, what do the cops have to go on? No eyewitnesses. Maybe a little forensic evidence which seems too random to actually be able to yield anything substantial.
Yet we demand.
Fully knowing that what we are asking for is a miracle, considering how incompetent our police force is.
Will our signing online petitions, writing poems and blogs, make them competent? will it impart intelligence in its officers?
Will half an hour specials, headlines, newspaper reports make the officers ace sleuths who will crack a case, which,let's be honest, is a tough one ?
We are comparing Soumya's case, to the Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Mattoo, Nitish Katara cases. We are saying we got them justice so why cant we get justice for one of our own?
But maybe what we are forgetting is that those cases were solved. The suspects were behind bars, what we were doing, and what all those candlelight marches etc ensured was that justice was served.
The the right thing happened.
Here we are at point zero.
There are no suspects, no clues, no arrests, nothing.
Can we really do this on our own?
Can the media simply just make things happen?
Is the pen also mightier than the magic wand?

Sign the Petition. For Soumya. For what's right.