Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cut the chord

A stranger in a crowd of strangers
Oh! how I wish,
I could fly.

I bury the knife deeper
inching it in, slowly,
enjoying the sight of blood
twisting, wrenching,tearing
muscle, tissue, cartilage,
I cut the red wire,


buckingfastard said...


"stranger in crowd of strangers" luvd da line!!!

Raghav said...

Thanx bucking

Shadow Lor said...

...*maniacal smile* everyone knows it's the red one. The long red one. The one that beats.

ryn: apparently texas allows the sale of that kind of thing. If you can drive it off the lot, it's yours. so, total loss.

Raghav said...

ryn: damn... told you take the bat

Shadow Lor said...

ryn: thanks! :D you sure know how to flatter a girl ^_^

RYN: I deeply considered it

Raghav said...