Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wind in my hair

Clouds of hair
on a sky of sand,
dreams of iron
set in a concrete land.

i fly with wings of tissue
i search with eyes of gold,
a mind of frozen honey
a heart that is too old.

you stand, cast in time
and i come to you
to claim which i always knew to be mine.

You take me in
you make us one,
we fade away in existence
we are slowly lost in time.



what makes day a day ?
what makes a night ?
is it work or is it rest ?
is it what you do ?
or what you dont ?
is it the time spent thinking of questions ?
or the time it takes to find the answers ?
sometimes its harder to stay awake than to stay alive.

Friday, December 08, 2006

A wish...

if only i could feel what you felt,
and truly smile with you at times of joy.
if only i could feel what you felt,
and truly cry with you at times of sorrow.
i would call myself your truest friend,
if only i could feel what you felt.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Chained Words

and darkness closes on me
i see nightmares as i walk down the street,
creatures lurking in the shadows
call out to me, luring me to their dens of misery.

each day the sun rises
bright like the Heaven,
yet a few turns later
the dark consumes it.

extinguishing its fire

my universe meets yours
amongst the stars, lying on a wanton cloud,
they conjoin looking like a deformity
and then it rains.

and with these drops i write our tale
and these drops i carry in my heart,
and on my back
they give me wings to fly.