Monday, January 25, 2010

Endless Eternal Silence

I untie one knot, only to get tangled in a hundred others
this is endless,
this effort
like the burning of the Sun
but this night has no day.

The glaciers melt and submerge all that lies around them
fish become people
people fish
its endless
this drowning of the fish

A bird loses its feather, and with it, its flight
a featherless wing
a flightless bird
its endless
this flight
this fight against a fall
as inevitable as the ultimate victory of Darkness over Light

When it all ends
Hell's fires will drown in molten glaciers
and all that will remain
wll be the icy darkness of eternal silence

Thursday, January 14, 2010


In the cold everything slows down
life runs in slow motion
the hands of my clock
freeze over
crack, and shatter

Its so cold, it freezes the moon
it melts and falls to the Earth
like snow flakes

The blood in my veins is frozen
it clogs my arteries
sharp edged icicles pierce the walls of my heart
my organs slowly die like stray animals in a snowstorm

Nobody can bring a snowman to life
its built to melt
sooner or later thaw sets in
and it melts, like a plastic doll on fire

There is no warmth left within me