Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eternity is Painful

the traitor in the ceiling let the sunlight in
lazy, sleepy sunlight which hadnt slept for centuries.

time! i hate time!
it covers all in its blanket of dust
weaving a spell of forgetfulness, making memories invisible
all but pain, for pain weaves its own magic,
time heals nothing.

each smile is a camouflage,
a crack, which lets a tear seep through.
if you look long enough,
then each thing beautiful eventually turns ugly

nothing is eternal but pain.


Anonymous said...

your poetry is so negative that its depressing ! isn't there enough sadness in this world already ? or is there no happiness in your life ?

Raghav said...

of course there is happiness in my life, its just not in my poems!

on a more serious note, im normally a very cheerful guy, so wen im sad im REALLY troubled, and hence emotions take over and make me write such depressing pieces

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

The poem does indeed speak of a shady time :)

I do not think it's wrong or depressing to write about being sad. Without sadness we would never know the value of happiness. In your previous reply I can see that you know: Balance is the key :)

May flowers grow in all the corners of our beings :)

Priya said...

from emotions flows creativity...and it is at our darkest hours where art, like writing, serves as an outlet. And its cheaper than a shrink any day!

Keshi said...



Marthyan said...

Hah Pain, What is life if we dont know it

Raghav said...

priya, marthyan you speak my language!


Anonymous said...


K a S h U ;P

Raghav said...

coming from u i take that as a compliment :-)

lovemarks said...

I only found the second line a misfit in this emotion-packed poem! :)

Raghav said...

just a lil digression lovemarks :-)

~Lord Anshul said...

awesome !!

love this line
each smile is a camouflage,
a crack, which lets a tear seep through.

sounds a lot like jim morrison composition

iz said...

That's beautiful.

cosmic clown said...

pain is truly eternal.....and i believe that what makes life beautiful.........:D

Raghav said...

jim morrison... cmon anshul!!

iz.. thanx

cosmic... thanx to you too


Wow! I like the traitor in the ceiling.

Raghav said... takes one to know one eh ?

dude good to see you after so long!