Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pauper Kings

walking down narrow congested streets
alive, choking with their abundance
shadows of new born lovers,
adorn the age-old walls.

the king walks the streets with his queen
for they have no chariot,
Yay! pauper kings!
their castle is yet to be built.

broken dreams of a failed royalty
prick the insides of their soul,
like shards of broken glass.

torn snapshots of moments forgotten,
a rockstar's scream is their music.


Cocaine Jesus said...

some fine lines there especially these..."prick the insides of their soul,
like shards of broken glass".

cosmic clown said...

hey beautiful thought raghav...infact beautiful observation of life....normally people dont choose these kind of offbeat sublects....absolutely great for ur poem.....magical....infact i am adding u on my blog.....keep in touch....

Raghav said...

thanx cj...ur a lovely critic !!


iz said...

that was oddly moving because i have a friend like that. But that's another blog post. Nice reading.

der Bergwind said...

so u the king wit ur better half beside huh :)

tatz the first thought tat hit me after reading this.. cute!

after the WC debacle.. guess pauperz wat we all are..

liked the effect of newbie shadows on the old walls.. shadows of luv.. nice idea.. lovers depart in the quest of a 'better' love.. aint taking the hazy blacks on the gae old wallz...

Raghav said...

thanx iz

der...u got my pulse dude. u read me like i was meant to be read... am i sounding gay ??

der Bergwind said...

nope man.. aint sounding gay..

its ur elation.. ur creation has a taker who sees wit the eyes of raghav :)

n i guess ur better half wud sound u nicely if she found tat poetry made her hubby crooked :))

n then don expect me to help u out... as they say, love thy neighbour but don get caught :)) PUN INTENDED!!

still... u a cute poet n much in love... (amen!)luezbi