Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wind in my hair

Clouds of hair
on a sky of sand,
dreams of iron
set in a concrete land.

i fly with wings of tissue
i search with eyes of gold,
a mind of frozen honey
a heart that is too old.

you stand, cast in time
and i come to you
to claim which i always knew to be mine.

You take me in
you make us one,
we fade away in existence
we are slowly lost in time.


Cliff said...

Really like this. The image of flying is especially a favorite. I just recently finished reading a book by Christopher Paolini about dragons, and the golden eyes reminded me of this. Great imagery. Care to tell more about what you were thinking behind this?

Raghav said...

well as much as i remember...
i was with my wife, dont exactly remember where, but the day was clear and there was a slight breeze which was blowing through our hair and ruffling our clothes.
i dont remember what brought it on but suddenly the sky seemed to reach out to me and tug at my sleeve, asking me to play and stretch and rest my head in its lap, and the ground under my feet seemed to hot to stand, like a tin roof.
and i stood there with her, dreaming of flying, and lifting her off with me into the sky and to just float away in time.

White Forest said...

voww..awesoem one agian!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year buddy!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Winters are depressing! And there's more to it ... i told my dietician about how lazy and less energetic i feel these days ... and she goes "Oh! Don't worry about it darling ... I think its just the weather or its probable that you're suffering from SAD"

Click here for info abt SAD

The poem sounds good ... though I didn't really understand the essence of it.

Wishing you a merry christmas :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

I really like this. Cliff, as usual, does a better job of analysis. He's my buddy. Glad you guys are pals.

nishant said...

Nice..nice. Really too good. Keep posting like this. Wishing you merry christmas and happy new year.

der Bergwind said...

lost in time... hmmm wind in my hair.. reminds of 'animal' the song..

well, wish time stopped wit the smell of the emotionz that make us wat we are.. guess the cross of changes n the winds have a conspiracy to make things unstable :))

Sanchari said...

amazing! thge words are so beautifully put.. I can sort of imagine the whole thing.. amazing!

Raghav said...

thank you all!

Trundling Grunt said...

I have enjoyed your poetry and look forward to more in 2007. Happy New Year mate!

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Raghav!


mathew said...

i was reading this poem again and again..It literally explains what happens when u fall in love..nice one dude..

Raghav said...

a very happy new year to all!

mat...u got me buddy!

Anonymous said...

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