Monday, December 04, 2006

Chained Words

and darkness closes on me
i see nightmares as i walk down the street,
creatures lurking in the shadows
call out to me, luring me to their dens of misery.

each day the sun rises
bright like the Heaven,
yet a few turns later
the dark consumes it.

extinguishing its fire

my universe meets yours
amongst the stars, lying on a wanton cloud,
they conjoin looking like a deformity
and then it rains.

and with these drops i write our tale
and these drops i carry in my heart,
and on my back
they give me wings to fly.


Keshi said...

goshh Raghav ur talented...very well-written!


der Bergwind said...

chained wordz with free flowing emotionz... let there be light n let the darkness fly away from thy wordz o' powerful.. kudos!

PrAcHi said...

and with these drops i write our tale
and these drops i carry in my heart,
and on my back
they give me wings to fly.

This is so beautiful!! Very nice Raghav :)

Raghav said...

thanx ppl, honestly im flattered.
glad u guys liked it

Inconsequential said...

thanks for the comment, was going to say i'll be back to read through your stuff, but you only appear to have two...

I do think both are rather good though, emotional flying :)
often want to write about such, but alas, tend to end up crawling through the dross and slime of the human nature...

cool stuff though, that you've done, got any more stashed away?

Raghav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raghav said...

i cleaned out my blog to mark my first year of blogging, so removed the archives.
will be posting new stuff u can check out later.

therapy said...

your wanton clouds are so interesting:)

where's the rest of the work?

Raghav said...

tucked away... you can catch some on under raghav chopra or member id- rogues
some more on under chopra raghav

Minal said...

Beautiful Raghav!

amu (amrita) said...

the beginning was quite rivetting coz you really showed the continued strain. the journey from the lair of pessimism and hopelessness to anticipation, was very fascinating. very good read. you proved that the phoenix of darkness does burn itself to give rise to a new one.

Sanchari said...

starts towards darkness.. ends with hope.. i think..

Raghav said...

yes it does. it workd from darkness to light.
thanx for the appreciation.

Perspective Inc. said...

Love it! Beautifully put!

jibesh said...

beautiful poetry..........