Saturday, June 14, 2008

Prisoner of fate?

Sometimes life can make you feel like a parrot in a cage.
Took this pic of 'mithu' the pet parrot, wish I could free him.
Poor soul.


Akshay said...

I see these guys selling birds on roads sometime...makes me sad...

Shadow Lor said...

I hate seeing birds caged. I saw a couple of doves once. They were so beautiful but the bars held them back from being all that they were...

Raghav said...

yes...what's the fun of having these beutiful birds caged in one's house is beyond me.

Express said...

This post might look small but there is so much more to it. The very concept of animals in captivity is saddening, especially birds!

The parrot is not a prisoner of fate, he was destined to fly high in the sky, its we who are interfering with nature. What have we made of our fellow beings, ornaments? show-pieces?

But then thr is no answer to the question of, who gave us the right to do so? All we can do is have pity, feel sad and preach things!
Yes, we are the most superior beings...coz we say so!

Crimson Shimmer said...

and such is the nature of man, he continues to imprison the world around him and by virtue of his action imprisons his own freedom.
ta for da comment.
gota say love the intro music to your blog.
keep metallica alive`

zephyr said...

I feel like a parrot in a cage on a daily basis.. sometimes your own parents who told you that ur less than noone make you feel like a caged bird when ur time to fly comes.. why is everyone around me so scared for me? Am I that stupid..?

Raghav said... they are

Shadow Lor said...


Ruela tagged me with the road trip meme. The rules are:

-- Pick five CDs for the trip.

-- Pick three essential items.

-- Pick one outrageous wardrobe item (something that will make you stand out at a party; you must own this item already).

I will pick 3 people to do this.



Little Rebal

zephyr said...

I am waiting for a purpose.. thts the real godot anyways... we knw him yet we wait for him endlessly =)

Impressionist said...

why dont u just do it if u feel so?


Raghav said...

impressionist....someone else's pet, thats why i dont have any