Sunday, January 06, 2008

a Life created

Responsibility for a miracle,
another life, another hope
another start, a new beginning
a fresh Phoenix has risen.

A dream within a nightmare,
an oasis, a drop of dew on a parched tongue
spring's first flower,
a rose on a barren field.

Impossible, irrational
a contradiction, a refusal
a denial, a sin?
a blessing, a virtue
the opposite of sin?

another life, another hope
another start, a new beginning
a fresh Phoenix has risen
a new Son has risen.


Arti Honrao said...


Congratulations :)
He's sweet ... ummm ... handsome!


J E E V Y said...

Hey bro!
first time here! :)
Nic poem there!
Congrats mate! :)


Shadow Lor said...

Congrats!! lovely poem ^_^ children are so paradoxical.

ryn: although I'm mostly Christian myself (mixed with agnostic), I find that more than half of the so called 'Christians' out there are bathing in darkness and not caring about it. it disgusts me.

Raghav said... ur right! thanx

lor..yes they are, thanx

jeevy...ur welcome, thanx mate

Prixie said...'re a daddy!

Raghav said...

PRIXIE....yes i am, was that a congratulation by the way?

lovemarks said...

hey Raghav, Congratsss! Thats wonderful news. :)

And your kid really looks cute...and you all tired out! hehe.

Nice poem.

Raghav said...

lovemarks...thanx, yes it is a thankless tiring job, but im thankful for it :)

Prixie said...

yes was a congrats...;p

cocaine jesus said...


didn't see this first time around. sorry i missed it.



Raghav said...

thanx..i will pass on the good news to her.
most believe however, that he is taking after me

der Bergwind said...

congratulations!! its been a long time since i had heard the 'gun-shots' but then i guess u had been busy :) n now u have the new phase to juggle with the already high prose n poetry of life!! extend my 'poetic welcome' to the cute kiddo... gun-salute for the newbie sniper!!

Raghav said...

thank u my friend

zephyr said...

congrats!!! ur in for something now!!! i feel happy!! u just made my day.. awwwww :)

Faithful 2 U said...


Beautiful Family Pictures!!!

Raghav said...btw do you know that i'm a journalist?

No, but I do now!! Thanks. Awesome information on your blog. Love reading it.

Raghav said...

zephyr....thanx a lot, and yes im in for it now !! it has begun, sleepless nights, diapers, poop piss and farts, entire hours spent in getting baby to burp...

faithful....thank you