Thursday, August 02, 2007

So High im on Mars

Take a bottle, gulp it down,
and pass it around.
Put your feet up and your head down,
and spin it around.


When you see the ground under your feet
sprouting stars, your feet walk on clouds
and take you too damn far.

Then you know you are on Mars
for your friends turn green,
and you don't know what anything means.

Take a gun and cock it,
put it to your head and blow it,
your head blows open,
but there is nothing in it
cos your on Mars and your head's rolling with the stars.

Your heart is now your head
you see with it and it shows you the way,
for you are on Mars and you are there to stay.

*inspired by Where is my mind by the Pixies


Priya said...

"where is my mind"...hmmm...can really relate

also, great bloody poem hey...funny and dark

Raghav said...

thanx, humour and pain the combination makes me high

dsnake1 said...

had a drop too much? :)

Keshi said...

my heart is my head too :)


mystic rose said...

its dark and cold..(shiver)!

perhaps you odnt need to blow it when your head is rolling with the stars already, but then you owuld wake with a massive hangover.

Raghav said...

snake...ya, and that wen i dont even drink!

keshi...thats where it shud be, u got it rite

rose... the hangover is massive, no aspirin will cure this

Shadow Lor said...

mmm...the warm taste of blood against the faithless night. delicious

ss said...

hmm.. dark humour and bloody graphic... works for me too

Raghav said...

we are all goths i tell ya

der Bergwind said...

where the mind is without fear n the head is held high... huh... this heart killed me n the heart was broken coz the heart n head of a certain someone was hurt n in the haze of head n heart... the hurt remained... the hopes are gone.. akk broken... he lies there... missing her... man!! sad story of mi life.. yar... wish i had a magic wand :)

Raghav said...

u mite have misinterpreted this one dude
for there is no pain, no heartbreak here

der Bergwind said...

dear... i read it rite :) and this comment was kinda mi state of mind :) as there are many dimensions of words n thoughts... i saw what i felt... and tatz kinda a reflection of mi...

got u rite... was just trapped in a strange not - and still am!!
happie writing!!

Raghav said...

why so if i may prod further ?

Isha said...

haha.. sounds like someone got high! do tell!

Raghav said...

isha...just felt on a high!